OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Landscape Lighting

Introduction of The LIGHTIFY Garden Spot Landscape Lighting

If you are looking to light up your sidewalks, driveway, back deck or any other outdoor space then look no further than the OSRAM Gardenspot LED lighting system. This lighting system from OSRAM works with their existing LIGHTIFY system, which we recently reviewed that works with their standalone Gateway or can be used with other ZigBee compatible smart home hubs like the SmartThings hub. The great thing about the Gardenspot appears to be the versatility of it which can be installed anywhere outdoors in the elements thanks to its IP66 rating but also its ability to change in lighting colors to just about any color that you can imagine. You can install it and utilize it has holiday decor for this coming holiday season and then easily switch the LED lights to a more natural white color for year-around use.

We’re going to take a look at the LIGHTIFY Gardenspot lighting system and see how durable it is, how easy it is to installed, and how well it works with the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway as well as the SmartThings hub.


LIGHTIFY GardenSpot Outdoor Lighting Features

Here are the specifications of the Gardenspot Lighting system. The main Gardenspot includes a total of 9 LED lights along with the power adapter. You can then purchase additional Gardenspot extensions which gives you an additional 3 LED lights per extension.

Electrical data

Operating mode E.Trafo
Nominal wattage 4.5 W
Nominal voltage 220…240 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz

Photometrical data

Light color (designation) RGB

Light technical data

Beam angle 30 °
Light color management RGB color control

Dimensions & weight

Length 23.0 mm
Width 23.0 mm
Height 96.0 mm
Product weight 491.00 g

Colors & materials

Body material Polycarbonate (PC)

Temperatures & operating conditions

Ambient temperature range -20…+40 °C

Additional product data

Number of lighting outlets 9
Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE Yes


Dimmable Yes  
Type of connection cable with plug
LIGHTIFY technology Yes

Certificates & standards

Protection class II
Type of protection IP66


Read on to the next page and we’ll unbox the Gardenspot lighting system!

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