Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Unveiled; Faster, More Powerful, and Twice Flight Time

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Quadcopter Review

Parrot announced yesterday during a press conference in San Francisco that they have released the Bebop 2 which they describe as a drone that requires “no learning” to fly it with any Android or iOS device.

The new Parrot Bebop 2 comes in at 17.6 ounces, has bigger 6-inch propellers than the original Bebop and it also has a more powerful motor than the previous generation Bebop 1. With the new thrust-to-weight ration the Bebop 2 can reach 330 feet in about 18 seconds.

One of the best features about the newly upgraded Bebop is the longer flight time, more than double that of the previous Bebop 1. Comparing the two, the Bebop 1 has a flight time of 11 minutes and the Bebop 2 has a flight time up to 25 minutes.

In addition to the bigger propellers, more powerful motors, and longer flight times; Parrot also conducted a wind tunnel test and found the drone is capable of up to 40MPH winds!

The camera system remains the same, it can capture 180 degree images at 1080P storing them on the internal 8GB memory.

So when is the Bebop 2 release date? Parrot says the Bebop 2 drone will be released December 14th, just before Christmas at a starting price of $550 USD.

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  • greg_06

    My original Bebop has around 12-minutes of battery life, 9-minutes if I flew all out. In terms of speed, the 1st Bebop only travels at 24-miles per hour. The Bebop 2 is capable of 25-minutes flying time (a big advantage over the first Bebop – from my point of view). As for the speed, the Bebop 2 can travel up to 37-miles per hour.

    The same 14-megapixel 1080p camera as in the original Bebop is in the Bebop 2. However there have been some functional changes incorporated in the Bebop 2. The first Bebop has a mechanical image stabilization feature, but this was changed to software for the Bebop 2 because Parrot wanted to keep the weight down. And the camera in the Bebop 2 points 90 degrees downward – which was not available with the first Bebop Drone.

    Here is a short outdoor test flight of my Bebop 2 Drone in inclement weather here today (North of Atlanta). I am Looking forward to stretching this aircraft out on a sunny

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences with both the original Bebop and the new Bebop 2! The video quality is good as always but the image stabilization appears to be a big improvement over the original.Really amazing what they can do with the software aspect. What sort of flight distance are you seeing with the Bebop 2?

      • greg_06

        Just got ithe Bebop 2 yesterday – Only took the one quick outdoor flight outdoors posted after doing a test run indoors. Going to do some paces at 60 meters/197feet, 80 meters/263 feet, 90 meters/295 feet, 100 meters/328 feet at 5 m/s-11 mph and10 m/s-22 mph this weekend. I will let you know.