GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Wireless Receptacle Outlet

Jasco GE In-Wall Smart Outlet Z-Wave

Conclusion of GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Outlet

Let’s start off with the bad. These outlets do not provide any energy consumption monitoring like the GE ZigBee Plug-in module outlets do and the GE ZigBee Switches do. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it definitely would be nice to have the option of purchasing it if they only had it. The next and probably only other negative about the GE In-Wall outlet is the lack of a decor-style outlet. Currently GE only sells the duplex style outlets. If you are attempting to keep consistency and already have all decor-style outlets, you may or may not want to add a duplex style outlet in your home. For me, it isn’t a problem as most of the outlets that I want made smart are covered up with electronics, behind a desk, or behind an entertainment system completely out of sight.

Now, for the good things about the GE In-Wall outlet and probably one of my favorite is the custom smart home look! These outlets will blend in to your home and not be an eye sore like some of the existing plug-in modules which are bulky and take up room. The outlet was also VERY easy to install and only took about 10 minutes to complete. The instructions were spot on and the entire process was very easy. I also like have the always-on outlet option as well, as there could be a need to continue to provide power to a device without it needing to be wirelessly controlled.

The GE In-Wall Z-Wave Outlet is priced very well and are actually about the same price or even less than some plug-in style outlet modules! For around the same price of $35 bucks you can get that custom smart home look in your home. Amazon has GREAT prices on these GE In-Wall outlets and they can be found here on Amazon.

Special thanks to JASCO for sending us these products to review. You can find out more information on all of their Z-Wave products at EZZwave.

GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Wireless Receptacle Outlet Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.7

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Quality and Durability 98%
Features 85%
Options 92%
Value 99%
94% Great Z-Wave In-Wall Outlets at a Great Price!

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