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Unboxing The GE In-Wall Outlet

The GE In-Wall Z-Wave outlet is the only In-wall outlet that is being produced by GE in the smart home space. They do not offer decor style outlets, so the duplex style is the only option. In addition, they do not even offer a ZigBee In-Wall outlet like they do for their lighting switches. If your existing smart home hub only speaks ZigBee wireless technology, you’ll be out of luck. Regardless, I was hoping for the ZigBee for the energy management that comes with it from GE products.

Like the other GE smart products, they all come in a small box with graphics to explain what the product is and how it works.

GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Box
GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Outlet Box

On the back, you find that it works with any devices from smartphones and tablets to PC’s and smart home hubs like the SmartThings which we’ll be using in our review. It also illustrates that you not only a Z-Wave wirelessly controlled outlet but you also have a standard “always on” outlet which could be used for things that do not need to be made smart, like my power reclining sofa for example.

GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Outlet Back Box
GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Back Box

The side of the box explains the different smart controllers and devices that the GE In-Wall outlet is capable of working with.

GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Side Box
GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Side Box

On the inside of the box, you’ll find the outlet tucked away nicely inside along with a instruction manual. There is no outlet cover included so you may need to purchase one separate unless you are replacing a duplex outlet, then you can reuse that outlet cover.

GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Opened Box
GE InWall ZWave Smart Outlet Opened Box

That’s about all there is to the outlet, continue reading on to the next page and we’ll show you the simple installation procedure and we’ll see how well it works!


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