GE In-Wall Z-Wave Smart Wireless Receptacle Outlet

Jasco GE In-Wall Smart Outlet Z-Wave

Introduction of The GE In-Wall Outlet

Having just reviewed the GE In-Wall Dimming Light switches, we definitely know what to expect out of these GE In-Wall products! We are hoping that the same quality construction, ease of use and durability carries over to their In-Wall outlet products. We also recently reviewed the GE Smart Switch Plug-in module which gives you a smart outlet that’s Z-Wave controlled but if you are in the market for a more custom look, then these GE In-Wall outlets are the perfect solution. Nobody will know that these outlets are part of your home automation since they look almost identical to standard receptacles.

As far as uses go for these GE In-Wall outlets, your imagination is your only limitation on what you can do or automate with them. You can turn on an appliance in the morning as you get out of bed. Perhaps you or your spouse leaves the flat iron on in the bathroom which could cause a fire risk, you could use one of these outlets to ensure its turned off after a while or when you leave your home. Maybe you are getting ready to put up holiday decorations which may include lighting for your tree? You could use a smart outlet to automate these lights and save energy.

Regardless on your uses for the in-wall outlets, its difficult not to like the custom look that these in-wall outlets give your smart home over the plug-in style Z-Wave or Zigbee outlet modules. Sure the plug-in ones have their advantages of being mobile, but in my opinion, they do look a bit ugly when you compare them to the in-wall alternative. So let’s see if the GE In-Wall outlet provides us all of the benefits of their plug-in outlet modules!

GE In-Wall Z-Wave Outlet Features

Below are the features of the GE In-Wall ZWave Outlet. One thing to note here, the Z-Wave Outlet does not provide energy usage.. like we had seen with the ZigBee Dimming Switches and ZigBee Plug-in Modules by GE.. bummer.

  • Easily replace any standard wall outlet with the GE Z-Wave controlled duplex receptacle to control lighting or small appliances with your mobile device or computer using any Z-Wave certified gateway
  • White lighting control matches most standard wall plates (wall plate not included)
  • Easily locate the receptacle in a dark room with the integrated blue LED indicator
  • Features one always-on pass-through AC outlet and one Z-Wave enabled outlet

Read on to the next page and we’ll unbox the GE In-Wall Outlet.

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