FireFox Mobile for iOS Is Here, But Is it Good?

FireFox iOS Mobile Web Browser

FireFox is now officially available for download on all Apple iOS devices. Firefox for iOS allows you to take your browser with you from the desktop to mobile devices, syncing with your browsing history, tabs, password and your bookmarks.

FireFox Mobile Features;

  • Search suggestions predict what you’re looking for in your favorite search engine.
  • Visual Tabs allow you to easily manage multiple tabs on the same screen.
  • Private Browsing gives you the ability to browse the Web without saving history or sharing existing cookies with the sites you visit.

“I hope you enjoy the first ever release of Firefox for iOS, and expect to see much more from us soon as we are going full speed ahead on continuously delivering new features. I’m proud of the team for getting us to where we are today and excited about where we’ll be in the future.” Mozilla said in their Blog over the weekend.

You can download the app straight for the Apple App Store. It was released on November 12th, 2015 and is a 29.4M install size. It does require iOS 8.2 or later and is compataible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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