Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Performance and Conclusion

Having knowledge of the fact that this Netgear A6100 WiFi adapter was going to be 100% used for 5GHz connectivity with a 802.11AC wireless network, I knew it would probably meet my expectations for performance. It’s capable of 433 Mbp/sec connectivity and I never saw the speed less than this for the connection rate even though my test system sits 40 feet and has three walls between it and my Asus RT-AC68P AC1900 wireless router.

However, where the 5GHz band see’s good performance the 2.4Ghz band was extremely lacking in performance at 150 Mbp/sec. So if you are thinking about this WiFi adapter, make sure you have a 802.11ac capable wireless router or access point.

To recap, the 5GHz performance is good but the 2.4Ghz not so much. This USB wifi adapter is TINY which is a good thing and it also has a WPS button as well for ease of use. There does not seem to be any native Windows 10 support currently, so you must install a different driver than what came on the disk if you are running or will be soon running Windows 10. The cost of this device is around $35 bucks which is pretty cheap for a 802.11ac capable mini USB adapter but I would stay away from it until Netgear officially supports it on Windows 10 as you may find no support when it comes to upgrading to the new operating system.

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