Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Software and Installation

The instructions stated to run the CD before plugging in the USB wireless adapter so I did just that, to follow directions like a normal user of the product would do. The first issue that I ran into was the installation did not automatically startup upon inserting the disc into the drive. No big deal, so I browsed to my disk drive and saw that it had recognized the Netgear CD and I double clicked on it and it launched the installer GUI.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you should run the Setup feature in order to start the actual installer. I did this and nothing happened. To be fair, I am running Windows 10 Insiders and this product was not claimed to have been supported by Windows 10. Regardless, with Windows 10 only two weeks away from being final and available for purchase, I would have hoped that Netgear would be supporting it by now.


After finding that the Setup would not run from the GUI I browsed on the CD for the Setup.exe and found it. Upon launching the Setup.exe as Administrator it was able to launch successfully.


The installer performed the installation after agreeing to the license agreement.


The installation appeared to have completed successfully but after closer inspection I found the driver was not functioning properly from device manager. I rebooted my PC and still had the same issues. I found that Netgear A6100 WiFi adapter is using the RTL8811AU chipset so I changed the driver of the A6100 to utilize this driver for Realtek instead. After doing so, the NetGear A6100 WiFi Adapter showed up properly and appeared to be in complete working order.

Below, you can see the driver installed and it connected to my 5GHz wireless network at 433Mbps.




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