Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Netgear AC600 802.11AC Mini WiFi Adapter Review

Closer Look

In the box you will find a CD with the Netgear Genie software and drivers, an installation manual (in a few different languages) and of course the mini USB wireless adapter. One thing that would be nice is if companies could find a way to have these USB wireless adapters become a USB drive as well so that the software could be loaded on the drive for ease of installation and to reduce on packaging size. I’m not sure if this is feasible or not with current USB standards but would definitely be a plus. I have not had to use a CD or DVD in many years.. I’m just glad I still have a drive in my main computer for this type of thing.


Taking a closer look at the A600 USB Adapter you will see that there is actually a very tiny button on the end of the device, this is the WPS button. WPS allows for you to connect to WPS-enabled wireless devices without having to type a password. This is actually a nice feature to include on the USB adapter despite its very small size. Kudos to Netgear for fitting this on here for us.

The other feature to note here is the incredible small size of this device. Take a look at it when we compared it to a dime. The weight of it also feel feather light and makes you wonder if there’s anything at all installed beneath the plastic bezel.




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