Wi-Fi Aware Enables Devices to Know What’s Nearby

The WiFi Alliance has announced the final design of Wi-Fi Aware, a new proximity based location technology that delivers real-time location awareness in an energy-efficient fashion.

Wi-Fi Aware has the ability to continuously discover other devices and servers within Wi-Fi range before making a connection. Wi-Fi Aware will make it easy to find information and services available in an area that match preferences set by the user – and is optimized to work well even in crowded environments. Wi-Fi Aware will be a key enabler of a personalized social, local, and mobile experience, enabling users to find video gaming opponents, share media content, and access localized information all before establishing a connection.

One area where this technology could really prove useful is indoors where GPS and cellular signals are spotty. Having this technology available will allow for better location awareness within the inside of malls, stores, or other locations such as forests.

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