Sony Betamax Tape Production Will Cease in March 2016

Sony Beta Max Video Tape 1970 Old

After having launched for the first time in 1975 and losing the format war to VHS, Sony has finally announced that it would cease the sales of Betamax video cassettes by March 2016. In addition to Betamax no longer being produced, MicroMV – a video tape format will also cease production.

“This will make the final shipment of all our memory media for Betamax,” Sony said in a statement toady.

The history of Betamax is long and drawn out but they lost the war against the VHS tape mainly for the fact that VHS was capable of 3 hour recordings and Betamax for only 1 hour and then there was the cheaper manufacturing costs of VHS compared to the more expense Betamax.

The last Betamax products produced were the EL-500B, 2L-500MHGB, and 2L-750MHGB tapes and the L-25CLP cleaning cassette.

Will you miss Betamax? Will anyone?

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