Comcast Enforcing Caps of 300GB Forcing Users To Pay More For Data

Comcast Xfinity Data Cap Usage

Comcast users, get ready to be taken advantage of yet again. Based on some leaked Comcast support script documents, Comcast cable will now be enforcing 300GB caps and it will cost $10 per 50 GB in overage fees for those of you that go over this amount. A few select markets will be in a trial where the consumer can pay $30 or $35 to bypass the caps entirely.

The employee’s scripts urge their employee’s to not use the word “Data Cap” but rather “Data usage plan”, as they state in the documentation “This is not a cap. We do not limit a customers use of Internet in any way at or above 300GB”.

Furthermore the script also says the new caps have nothing to do with congestion of the Internet, in reality it does not but perhaps a way to restrict data and increase profit margins. So the script says that the employee’s may say “Fairness and providing a more flexible policy to our customers.” but may NOT say “The program is about congestion management”.

The leaked scripts can be found in image format here.

At least Comcast is stating that the data caps aren’t about congestion, which is a very accurate statement. What will have consumers most up in arms about will be that Comcast won’t admit its a data cap. Just so that Comcast understands, a Data Cap: Is a means of preventing data usage from exceeding a set amount for a given plan, which “caps” the data. So what Comcast has here, is indeed a data cap. If users were allowed to utilize data (unlimited) then there would not be a restriction and there would not be a cap on the plan. Data usage plan is just some PR/marketing way of not using the words Data Cap.

Now users must fork over $35 bucks (in some markets) if they want the cap removed from their plan, like it was a few years back before all of the data capping began. Customers are now paying more for their line than years ago when they had no cap but now on top of the higher rate they are forced to pay even more if they want their no capped broadband line back.

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