GE In-Wall Z-Wave & ZigBee Dimming Smart Switch Review

Conclusion of GE In-Wall Z-Wave & ZigBee Switches

These GE In-Wall switch products for both Z-Wave and ZigBee technology, are the real deal. They install in just a few minutes time, as long as your wiring isn’t too crazy, and they work flawlessly! If I had to recommend any of the switch over another, I would install the GE In-Wall ZigBee Dimmer Switches in every room of my home. Why? Well, with the ZigBee you get the energy management which I really like because I can automate lights to turn off if they have used too much energy for the day but I can also calculate how much energy the lights are using in each room of the house. I also love the dimmer aspect on these switches. Yes, having a smart switch that turns on and off is fantastic, but also having the ability to physically dim lights from the switch itself is just icing on the cake!

What’s not to like? Well, they are in-wall switches so they will take 15-20 mins to install (and maybe more) and if you aren’t good with wiring you may even need to hire someone to do it for you. However, I feel they are WELL worth the effort to get that custom home automation look. As far as pricing goes, you can get a screw-in smart light bulb for around $15 bucks (for the cheapest), like our Connected Bulb we reviewed. Now these In-Wall switches vary in price from about $39 to about $59. Sure it’s a bit more in price to go with the In-Wall solution but you can also keep your less expensive bulbs that you already have. Also, in some situations and lighting fixtures you simply cannot install smart bulbs. For example, I have the long florescent light bulbs in all of the closets of my home, my kitchen pantry, and also in my garage. I’ve not see a smart bulb to replace these on the market. The only solution to make them smart, is to replace the switch.

In the In-Wall switch market, the GE In-Wall switches are the most economically priced switches that I have researched. Looking to purchase today? Amazon has GREAT prices on these GE In-Wall switches, and all of the GE In-Wall switch products can be found here on Amazon.

Again, I’m very pleased with these products and plan on retrofitting my entire home with them, they are that good!

Special thanks to JASCO for sending us these products to review. You can find out more information on the ZigBee products at EZZigBee and the Z-Wave products at EZZwave.


GE In-Wall Z-Wave & ZigBee Dimming Smart Switch Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.8

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Quality and Durability 98%
Features 96%
Options 98%
Value 90%
96% Love These In-Wall Switches!

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