GE In-Wall Z-Wave & ZigBee Dimming Smart Switch Review

Unboxing GE In-Wall Z-Wave & ZigBee Smart Switch

The GE In-Wall smart switches come in several different varieties.

In the ZigBee technology, they have the In-Wall Smart Switch which provides On/Off capabilities but they also have the In-Wall Smart Dimmer which also provides On/Off but in addition gives you control to dim your lighting either from the switch or remotely with a smart home hub (not included with the switches).

All GE ZigBee & Z-Wave In-Wall Switch Options
All GE ZigBee & Z-Wave In-Wall Switch Options

For the Z-Wave technology, you have the same In-Wall Smart Switches and Dimmer switch options but they also sell a Smart Fan Control switch that allows you to control your ceiling fans (up to two per switch) and giving you up to three speed control settings.

All of the GE Z-Wave and ZigBee In-Wall switches are capable of 3-way switching, but you will need to purchase the separate “Addon” switch for it to work properly.

I like the ZigBee In-Wall switches because they offer energy monitoring, while the Z-Wave switches do not. The switches are packed nicely in a small box and include a manual and also white and beige colored paddles, with the white one being installed by default.

GE Zigbee Switch

To replace a paddle with a different color, you simply pry the paddle off by placing pressure so the tabs come free.

Removable Paddle FacePlate for Switch


Here’s what it looks like when you remove the paddle.


Here’s the beige paddle installed, which is also included with the switch. If white and beige don’t work for you, they also have other colors available for purchase at an affordable price. They have ivory, brown, and black paddles priced at $3.99 retail price.


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