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Conclusion & Final Thoughts of GE Plug-in Smart Switch

What’s not to like? The GE Plug-In Smart Switch is a solid product that offers very fast configuration and installation, is backed by a good warranty and also provides functionality without losing existing functionality by elimination of existing outlets. Perhaps one of the only negatives of the GE Plug-In Smart Switch is its size. It’s not overly large but its not compact and small either. Even though its slightly on the beefy size, when installed on the top outlet, it does not cover the existing lower outlet. It also includes a pass-thru outlet, so you do not lose your existing always on outlet, but you are gaining a Z-Wave outlet in the process.

As far as functionality of the GE Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch, it does the job! The button on the device makes it convenient for turning devices on and off, in case you are having issues with your gateway device or hub. I do wish the blue LED indicator light could be completely disabled. Within my SmartThings hub application, I can either turn the light on when the switch is on or on when the switch off but not off completely. Installing in a media room or other places where you do not want any extra light or annoyances, this could be a problem. In my home, it makes no difference and I’m sure for most people it wouldn’t either I’m just being nit-picky more than anything.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product and will continue to look for interesting ways to use a smart switch. If you have found an interesting way of using a smart switch, drop us a comment below and share your knowledge!

The GE Z-Wave Plug-in Smart Switch retails for $39 but can be purchased for as little as $32 bucks on Amazon which makes this Plug-in Smart Switch module the most affordable Z-Wave smart switch that you can buy or at least the cheapest smart switch module that I’ve seen to date. The Belkin WeMo Z-Wave Switch comes close at $38 bucks but it does not offer the pass-thru plug, so it takes up one of your outlets unlike the GE Plug-In Smart Switch.

Special thanks to JASCO for sending us this product to review. You can find out more information on this product and other Z-Wave products at their web site, and at

GE Plug-in Smart Switch Z-Wave Module Outlet Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.7

GE Z-Wave Plug-in Smart Switch Module

Ease of Installation 100%
Ease of Configuration 95%
Quality and Construction 93%
Features 87%
Value 93%
94% Nearly Perfect!

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