GE Plug-in Smart Switch Z-Wave Module Outlet

Install & Configuration of GE Plug-In Z-Wave Smart Switch

In one of my tests, I wanted to control my existing dimmable lamp in my living room with the GE Plug-In Smart Switch. Here’s what my current setup looks like. The top wire goes to my lamp and the bottom one goes to my power reclining sofa.


Installing the GE Plug-In Smart Switch literally only took 10 seconds. I unplugged the two existing devices from the outlet, and I could have just unplugged the lamp but decided to test the pass-thru plug, and then plugged both of them into the Smart Switch. The Lamp plug went into the Z-Wave controlled outlet and my sofa plug went into the pass-thru plug.


There you go, the physical installation part is complete! This is the best feature of these plug-in modules, a VERY installation! If you go with the Z-Wave outlet method, you’ll still be messing around with neutral wires and wire nuts but with the Plug-in method you’re already done and off to configuring!. With the module plugged in, it should begin to flash a blue LED light indicating that its searching out for a controller or device to control it.


Now is a good time to seek instructions from your existing Z-Wave gateway product that you will be connecting to the GE Plug-in Smart Switch. For our review, we used the Samsung SmartThings hub and added the GE Plug-in Smart Switch via the iPhone app. When we had the device ready to add, we simply pushed the button on the smart switch and SmartThings immediately found the device.


After it located the device, I was able to assign it to a room and name the device which I called, Living Room Lamp.


Then I was able to configure the Lamp to turn off at night and when I leave the house for the day.

ge_zwave_switch_module_smartthings_setupThis is just one basic example of using the GE Plug-in Smart Switch. You could also use it to turn on and off your Christmas lights on your tree this Holiday Season or help monitor your kids gaming time like what I did below for my kids XBox. With the configuration below, the Plug-In Smart Switch will only allow the kids to power up the XBox between 4PM and 7PM at night during the week. Obviously, I can manually flip the switch on my iPhone app for them outside of those hours but this keeps them from playing too much but also keeps my power bill lower too by not having the XBox run 24/7 downloading updates and phoning home to Microsoft.


Other examples may include having your coffee maker power up in the mornings when a motion sensor detects you are moving around for the first time or maybe that lamp could be configured to randomly come on and off when you are away on vacation to keep folks from truly knowing if you are home or not. With a connected home, you are only limited to your imagination and thanks to GE you can be up and running in no time with one of these Plug-in Smart Switches.

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