Comcast Unveils Pricing for its 2 Gigabit Fiber Service

Comcast have announced the release of its Gigabit Pro service which offers speeds up to 2 gigabits per second on the same day that its announced that its doubling the speeds of existing customers internet plans at no additional cost.

First, let’s talk about Comcast’s new Gigabit Pro service that offers out of this world speeds at up to 2Gbp/sec! The new service is only available in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties within Florida.

The price for this ultra-fast internet plan? $159 per month for three years which sounds very reasonable to me for this kind of Internet connectivity. The special three-year-contracted pricing goes up to $299 after your contract ends. There is also a $500 activation fee but can be waived during promotions that it has going on now.

The reason for such high activation fees and possibly installation fees is because the service requires fiber technicians to come on site to evaluate whether or not your home can support the service but also to perform installation of the specialized equipment inside and outside of your home.

Also, in related Comcast news, the company is increasing its 75 Mbps service to 150 Mbps and the 50 Mbps service to 75 Mbps. Also, Comcast is currently testing 1 Gigabit service that it expects to roll out next year which means it should be able to reach every Comcast customer using existing fiber and coax networks.

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