Flyzone Sensei FS RTF Trainer RC Plane Review

Unboxing The Flyzone Sensei FS RTF Trainer

On the back of the Flyzone Sensei FS RTF box it shows everything that comes with it, basically everything that you need to take this bird to the skies! You receive the plane itself, with everything pre-installed such as your receiver, servo’s, and motor. You also receive the six channel transmitter or remote control, the Li-Po battery and a battery charger.


The side of the box illustrates how easy it is to perform the final assembly of your new RC plane form Flyzone. It also shows the drop door in action!


Also on the box, you’ll see some information about the WISE Flight Stabilization system that is already installed in the Sensei FS plane.


Opening the box, you’ll find the components of the aircraft neatly tucked away and each item was wrapped to ensure they did not rub during transportation. Nothing was broken or malformed from our inspections.

Fly Zone Sensei FS RTF Plane Trainer

Once we had everything unwrapped and out of the box, you can easily see what’s included with the Flyzone Sensei FS RTF Trainer. Below is what all you will receive in your box.

Fly Zone Sensei RTF Trainer for Beginners Unboxed

This particular electric RTF features a controllable nose gear, which is actually very handy for taxiing purposes and not always something you’ll find on an electric RTF trainer plane. The gear is very sturdy and seems to be able to absorb shock from hard landings.

Fly Zone Sensei Ready-To-Fly Nose Gear

Underneath the fuselage on the Sensei FS RTF we find the large drop door which can be opened via the transmitter to release bombs, parachutes, or even candy down below.  I think this is a great idea that Flyzone included for this aircraft. It allows for beginners to grow with this particular RTF and as their skills and experience advance, they can still have fun flying this plane.

Fly Zone Sensei Ready-To-Fly Drop Door

Here’s a peek into the fuselage area where the receiver sits and the servo’s for the rudder and elevator controls. The two wires coming out of the top are for the ailerons which will sit on top.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Receiver Box

Directly above the drop-door feature on the Sensei FS, you’ll find the Wise Flight Stabilization controller. This is the brains of the system which allows for the aircraft to automatically adjust the plane back to level flight for when you get into trouble as a beginner. It makes the plane almost fly by itself! We’ll test this out later during our flight tests, but I have heard about these systems and they really do give beginners the confidence that they need for a first successful flight!

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Wise Stabilizer System with Gyros

As we already indicated, the brushless motor is already installed and ready for the prop to be installed.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Brushless Motor

Just behind the motor, you’ll find the battery door that allows easy access to the battery. I found the door easy to open and close, especially having the little finger holes.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Battery Door/Hatch

The Sensei FS features STAR plugs which is a great connector for any aircraft. They feature gold and nickel plated connectors and are soldered together for a great connection and lasting usage. I really love the design as its easy to know the direction to plug the connector into the battery.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Battery Wiring Harness

The battery included with the RTF version of the Sensei is a 2100mAh 11.1V LiPo (Lithium Polymer) with a 2.1A max charging rate. Unfortunately, the 2100mAh is only going to provide you about 5 minutes of safe flying time with the Sensei’s motor. I would have liked to seen a slightly larger battery pack provided, something in a 3000-3200mAh range would be much better for this aircraft. For beginners, 5 minutes might be just enough time for them to get their feet wet but you’re going to be craving for more flight time once you land.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Battery

Here is a side view of the battery, showing the three LiPo’s stacked together.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF Battery

Included with the plane is an ElectriFly 3-Cell 11.1V LiPo charger that has indicators to show the charging state.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF LiPo Battery Charger

One one side of the charger is the 12V DC input and then on the opposite side is the battery plug.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF LiPo Battery Charger

The Tactic TTX610 6 Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter provided with the RTF version of the Sensei FS is actually a very good controller, typically priced at $100 USD. The top left (o, 1, 2) controls the stabilization system which we will talk more about later. On the top right, the switch controls dual rate to give you more control or less control of the aircraft. One item not provided is a neck strap for the remote. You’ll probably want to pick one up as it does provide you a bit more control and definitely more comfort when flying.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF 6CH Transimitter

Here’s the back of the remote, nothing special here except where the four AA batteries are installed. There is a trainer port on the bottom right, that allows you to hook your controller up with another one to provide training functions as a buddy system.

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF 6CH Remote Control

On the top left of the remote, we have two additional switches for channels 5 and 6. The back switch is a fail-safe in case you get into trouble you can hold this and the plane will be brought back to level flight. The front switch controls the drop door, so you’ll definitely want to learn about and play with that one!

Hobbico Sensei FS RTF 6 Channel Transmitter

That’s about it for the features and overview of the parts included with this RTF. Read on to the next page and we’ll assemble the Flyzone Sensei FS RTF Trainer!

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