Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Unveiled As Most Powerful in World

Roomba may soon be loosing some market share when Dyson begins selling its new Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner. While only available in Japan currently priced at 149K Yen ($1200+ USD), it’s coming soon to the United States and the rest of the world in the coming months.

How does the Dyson 360 Eye differ from Roomba or other robotic vacuum cleaners? The name gives it away, 360 degree vision system that is able to utilize geometry, trigonometry and probability theory to navigate a room instead of relying on ground sensors or other items like the Roomba does. Using its 360 degree vision system, it can map out a room to know where its been, yet to go, and what still needs to be cleaned.

Obviously, being Dyson their vacuums are sold as having the “highest suction of any vacuum” on the market and their new Dyson 360 Eye robotic cleaner is no exception to this. The motors spin u p to 78,000 RPM and features Radial Root Cyclone technology that can generate enough suction and lift to capture small pollen and mold in carpets and flooring.

Furthermore, the mobility of the robot vacuum features continues tank tracks that gives it a big edge over other consumer robot vacuums which means it can cross over transitional flooring with ease without loosing any traction.

Finally, you have your obvious features which include automatic self charging which will send the robot back to its charging pod when its battery gets low automatically. There is also an iOS and Android App called Dyson Link, that allows you to manually start a cleaning or schedule cleanings when you and your guests are away from the home. You can also view detailed maps of the cleaning progress to know when your home will be completely clean.

Those looking to be notified when its available in your country, can head to the Dyson site and learn more.

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