Google Maps Update Now Allows You To Add A Stop Along Route

Google has rolled out a fresh new update for its Google Maps mobile application that will allow users to add a stop along their current route and then continue on to the final destination. So let’s say you are on your way to the beach but need to stop at a gas station or somewhere to eat, you can easily search for these and add them along your route to your final destination, finally!

To utilize the new feature, you simply click the manifying glass at the top rightg corner while you are navigating to a destination. A drop-down menu offers several stops such as retail stores, gas station, restaurants and more. If you don’t like what you see from the options, you can “search for more places” to find exactly what you are looking for from businesses to addresses.

Another added feature of adding detours, is the ability to find the cheapest gas prices along your route. Previously, you reroute Google Maps to the nearest gas station and start to fill up—and that’s when you notice the gas across the street is 25 cents cheaper. When you finally close the tank, re-type the original address into your phone and get on the road again, you’re short 15 minutes and $5. Now you can check out gas prices and add detours to your route, without having to exit out of navigation.

The new features are coming to Google Maps for Android first over the next few weeks, per Gooogle. No official word on when we will see it for the iOS but I would suspect it not being too many weeks behind.

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