US Transportation Department To Require Drones Be Registered

The United States Transportation Department plans to announce their requirements on Monday around drone registration. In efforts to crack down on drone pilots that operate their drones in unsafe manners, the Transportation Department is looking to require all drone owners to register their aircraft to help track them.

A task force will be formed next week to figure out the policy and the specifics around it such as how users will register, which drones will be included and how it will be enforced. They hope to have the policy in place by the end of this year, which is extremely fast for aviation regulations.

Who will be required to register their drone? All users both commercial and hobbyists but its not yet known if size or weight will be the deciding factor of if its required or not required to be registered.

The FAA is still working on policies and regulations around commercial-drone flights in the US and has already issued 1,900 approvals for these type of drones to companies.

So why is the transportation department moving so fast? Well, according to officials they expect more than a million drones to be sold this holiday season and they want to make sure the policy is in place by Christmas. In my opinion, I think the biggest decision around the policy will be defining what a drone is and the requirements that must be met for it to be considered a drone.

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