Microsoft Offering $300 Cashback for Mac Users To Switch

In efforts to lure Apple users away from their Mac’s, Microsoft is offering up to $300 to US consumers who trade in their old Mac but also old PC too for a Windows 10 device.

The Easy Trade Up program is only avalaible in select markets, with the U.S. market getting the most money for their returned devices. U.S. consumers can receive $300 vash back for a MacBook or iMac and $200 for a Windows-based laptop when they purchase a Windows 10 PC from the Microsoft Store valued at least $599.

The Windows 10 device must be bought at the Microsoft Store and must be purchased by October 20th, 2015.

The trade-in device must be working without serious defects or issues like smashed screens. The laptop or MacBooks must not be older than six years and have a working battery and power supply with it.

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