Amazon’s Dash-Like Feature Now Integrated Into Appliances

Amazon DRS

Amazon has announced that it plans to expand its Dash Button by integrating them directly into household devices to monitor supply levels and reorder supplies when they get low.

The new service dubbed, Dash Replenishment Service, is definitely something we must take seriously. When the Amazon Dash Buttons were first introduced, the world thought it was an April Fools joke but turned into a reality when they began offering the Dash Buttons for sell on their web site shortly after announcement.

With the new Amazon DRS, your printer will automatically order new ink when its low and your water filtration pitcher can order a new filter just before the old one needs to be replaced. Amazon is also partnering with companies like August, Samsung, GE, Oster, CleverPet, and Sealed Air to name a few. They are already in partnership with Brother, Whirlpool, and Brita.

Your next washing machine may be able to order more detergent or your August Smart Lock will order new batteries before the ones installed die and pet food dispensers? You’ll always have enough food for rover now!

With the DRS API, developers of connected products can add just a few lines of code to their existing software which allows for the devices to connect to DRS to make the orders. Amazon users will be able to modify the settings from their web page so they can not only track what is ordered but can also cancel something if they truly do not need it.

It definitely sounds like a great idea but perhaps an even better one would be a pay-for-service solution that acts as a third party to receive the traffic on orders and allowing the user to choose from the retailer they wish to order their product from, taking Amazon out of the picture completely.

More Information

Amazon is working with companies of all sizes and even hobbyist that are interested in integrating their products with DRS. If you are interested you can signup to receive additional information here.

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