Tesla Motors All Electric Model X Crossover with Seating for Seven

Tesla Model X SUV

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  • 250 Mile Range on Charge
  • Seven Passengers
  • Medical Grade HEPA Filtration System
  • Active Emergency Braking and Collision Avoidance

Tesla Motors today took the curtain down around its all-electric Model X crossover SUV and has already delivered five to customers and well, the CEO Elon Musk is keeping one for himself.

The pricing unveiled today has the Tesla Model X Signature, the fully loaded version of the crossover, starting at steep $132,000. The more reasonably priced Model X without all of the bells and whistles is expected to be priced right around $81,000.

True pricing has not been announced yet but the CEO did say the standard X model would be about $5,000 more than the Tesla Model S sports sedan, which is where the $81,000 figure comes from.

Comparison-wise, it’s not known how limited in features the Model X will be when compared to the X Signature model.

Some of the features that we do know about include;

  • Front Trunk
  • Medical Grade HEPA Filtration System
  • Active Emergency Braking and Collision Avoidance
  • 250 mile range
  • Panoramic Glass Windshield
  • Three Rows with Seating for Seven People



  • Falcon Wing rear doors with built in sensors, which automatically adjust to the optimal opening arc in confined spaces or small garages.
  • Automatically deploying rear spoiler
  • Maps and navigation with real time traffic updates
  • Daytime running lights
  • Power-folding and heated side mirrors
  • Front trunk with room for luggage, strollers or two golf bags
  • Full size rear cargo area for your gear
  • Free long distance travel on Tesla’s expanding Supercharger network
  • 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty
  • Automatic keyless entry, with automatically opening front doors
  • GPS enabled Homelink
  • Parking sensors, blind spot warning and side collision avoidance
  • Automatic emergency braking to assist in avoiding collisions, even at highway speeds
  • Seating for up to seven adults
  • Four LATCH child seat attachments, two in each passenger row

One of the most interesting features of the Model X is that it includes a hitch which is capable of towing 5,000 pounds! How exactly it does this and at what MPG, we don’t know yet but for an electric vehicle, this is a remarkable feat. More information and how to reserve your own Model X can be found at Tesla Motors.

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