Apple iOS 9 Beta 3 Open Beta Now Free to Public

Apple iOS 9 Beta 3 is now openly available for download on iPhone, iPad, and other iDevices that support iOS. The beta program that has traditionally only been available to developers at a price, is now openly available for free to the general public and early adopters.

As always with beta’s you can expect bugs, issues, and other things not working as expected. It will however give you a glimpse into what Apple has in store for iOS 9 well ahead of its final release.

To download the new public betas going forward, you will need to signup for the Apple Beta Software Program using your Apple ID to sign-in. Then you will enroll your iOS device you wish to participate in the beta program and then you’ll be set.

While we can expect iOS 9 Beta 4 and 5 to be released over the next few months, Apple plans to release iOS 9 in September this year as it prepares to release new iOS devices, such as the new iPhone 7.

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