ASUS RT-AC68P AC-1900 Wireless Router Review

ASUS Router Conclusion

ASUS branded wireless routers was definitely not on my high list of potential wireless routers to replace my aging 802.11N wireless router but I’m very happy that I decided to give the RT-AC68P a try. I love the ASUS web-based router management interface which is filled full of performance analytics, technical features, and really great security features that are typically only found on high-end equipment. Having the ability to setup multiple guest networks is a huge plus in my books and all of the VPN options are definitely great as well, especially for work at home folks and small business owners. The speed of this wireless router is also very high on the list of great features and runs very well against the competition.

The negatives of the router would have to be the limited mounting or installation options. The inability to remove the stand/base is possibly a poor oversight on Asus but they might make up for it by the fantastic looks of the device and LED lighting. Another negative that I found after testing the unit this week is the need for the device to reset after making even the smallest of changes within the GUI. For example, changing QoS of a client that is connected will result in the router recycling and disconnecting devices which may be connected to any one of the wireless bands. Come on Asus, you can figure out how to prevent this!

With the couple of negative things aside, I think this is a must-have wireless router that delivers top-notch performance, enhanced security, and enough technical features that even we geeked out on! Looking for an Ad Blocker for your entire network that can hook directly up to this Asus router? Take a look at our AdTrap ad blocker review which blocks the ads on ALL your devices within your network!

More information on this router can be found here.

ASUS RT-AC68P AC-1900 Wireless Router Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Buy Now at Discount! geek_inspector_approved Rating: 4.85

ASUS RT-AC68P AC-1900 Wireless Router

Easy of Setup 99%
User Interface 100%
Features 95%
Performance 92%
97% Excellent!
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