ASUS RT-AC68P AC-1900 Wireless Router Review

ASUS Router Performance Testing

We tested the network performance using the two different bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) at both 12 feet and 90 feet from the ASUS wireless router. Below are the performance results we received when comparing to the DLink router we also had in our possession.

Using the 5GHz band at 90 foot range our client was able to obtain 505.5MB/sec which was much greater than the DLink.


At the 12 foot range the Asus was able to achieve 343.1MB/Sec which still beat the DLink but by a smaller margin.



Using the 2.4GHz band is where things got very interesting. Our Asus RT-AC68P wireless router achieved 235MB/Sec at 12 foot while the DLink only achieved 69MB/sec. We are certain this speed increase is due to the TurboQAM technology on the Broadcom chip which gives a performance increase.




At 90 foot, the Asus speeds only dropped slightly to 218.9MB/Sec.



Overall, I have very happy with the performance aspects of the RT-AC68P. The TurboQAM definitely seems to help on the 2.4GHz band with Wireless-N clients. The Gigabit hard-wired connections and dual core processors definitely helps the router meet and service multiple clients both wired and wireless.

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