ASUS RT-AC68P AC-1900 Wireless Router Review

ASUS Router Configuration GUI Continued

The USB Application section of the wireless router has many options to choose from. AiDisk, for sharing drives over the Internet, Media Services and Servers for sharing drives on your internal network, Network Printer options, 3G/4G USB modems for backup Internet, Time Machine integration with Apple products, and more.

usb options

The Media Services allows you to setup a Media Server on your home network. You can enable an iTunes Server, which makes it easy to stream your music on your USB drive and also a MediaServer for streaming music, photos, and videos to any device in your home. Both of these options I could see giving us a lot of benefit at our home and I plan to put both through their paces.


Need quick access to your files from your desktop? Setup a Samba file share to make sharing files easy across your network or for archiving or backup purposes.


If you have a printer that you need networked, the USB Printer option makes it a snap. My printer is already Wi-Fi enabled, so I would not be using this functionality of the router but its there for those of you that may have an older printer that isn’t network-aware.


One of the great features of this router is its ability to utilize USB modems to setup a backup or even a load balanced WAN connection. You can hookup a USB 3G or 4G modem or even tether an Android device (which I did) and share the connection to the rest of your network without touching any client on your network. It’s very fast and effective way of establishing a backup connection. There is also a watchdog service that can ping something on the Internet like for example, and then switch between your regular DSL/Cable/Fiber connection to your backup USB connection if it detects the link go down. You can also configure the router to failback to the primary connection once its back online. In addition, if you have a fast enough USB connected device, you can even have the router load balance between it and your primary connection. These features had previously only existed on more expensive routers but is now included on mid-priced routers such as this ASUS router.


Have an Apple device that supports Time Machine? Then you are in luck! Time Machine support is built right into the router so that you can perform backups directly and easily to your USB hard drive connected to your wireless router.


AiCloud allows you to bring your disks to the cloud to access them from anywhere in the world. Being security-minded, I am against opening anything up to the outside from my internal network but some folks may find benefit in this.


Here is a look into the Wireless Settings for the router which can get very in-depth.


WPS Wireless allows for easy WiFi client setup but comes at a price of security. I typically switch this off, but if your router is in a secure location like at your home – it shouldn’t be any problems leaving it enabled.


WDS allows for you to bridge or place your device into a repeater mode. This most likely will not be utilized, specially if you are using this as your only router in your home. However, this can be used if you wish to extend your existing WiFi network.


Wireless MAC Filter allows for you to only allow specified MAC’s to access your wireless network. This is a high security way of only allowing certain clients access to your network but as a result you must manually allow new MAC’s. If the devices on your network do not change much then this might be something you would want to enable for added security.


RADIUS is also an option for more of an enterprise or small business setup.


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