Adobe Flash Zero-Day Exploit In Use From Hacking Team Breach

In only a days time, malicious users have started using the yet-to-be-patched Adobe Flash Player exploit that came out of the 400GB of leaked data just a day ago from the Hacking Team breach.

The exploit was found by security experts yesterday within the breached data files that were stolen from the Italian security company, the Hacking Team.

The vulnerability has be identified as CVE-2015-5119 and affects Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Exploitation of the vulnerability could cause a crash and could allow a remote attacker to gain control of the affected system.

Adobe has announced that they plan to make updates available on July 8th, 2015 and has listed the vulnerability as critical.

Trend Micro has stated its already seen the exploit being used in the wild by at least three exploit kits, freely available online. The weaponization of the vulnerability could make this threat very widespread if not immediately addressed.

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