Helio Is Back, Offering $29 Unlimited Phone Plan

Helio Is Back, Offering $29 Unlimited Phone Plan


Helio has been revived from the dead after originally launching in 2006 but then being bought out by Virgin Mobile in 2010. Regardless, Helio is back and is offering service on Sprint’s network with roaming on Verizon’s network as well. 

Helio previously catered to the younger crowd back in 2006 by offering a very mobile phone affordable plan at $29 which includes all fee’s and taxes. You’ll need to bring your own phone or you will be left purchasing a very old phone from Helio such as the Galaxy S4, which is their best offering currently.

For the $29 Helio plan, you’ll get unlimited voice, text and yes even data but the data is capped at only 128Kbps, so don’t even try to stream any video content.

For a limited time, Helio is also offering your first month of service for free. So to sum up Helio, its cheap, all-inclusive, free month of service, but is greatly limited by data at only 2G speeds with no word on 3G or 4G being offered. I think this could be a great service for the elderly or folks that do not rely on data for anything more limited internet-enabled app’s that handle small amounts of traffic.

More information at Helio.

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