Hacking Team Gets Hacked with 400GB Breach

Hacking Team Gets Hacked with 400GB Breach

The “Hacking Team” of Italy, has officially had a taste of their own medicine by becoming breached themselves. The group is best known for daVinci, or also known as Remote Control System, which is used by government entities to spy and perform espionage.

DaVinci is able to record audio and text conversations from dozens of popular messaging application such as; Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype. Furthermore it can steal browsing history, watch your webcam or listen in on your microphone and more.

The Hacking Team data breach was shared on the BitTorrent network over the weekend and accounted for almost 400GB of data that was stolen. The breach happened as a result of very weak password such as “Passw0rd” being used.

Contents of the 400GB data breach included emails, customer information such as invoices, source code and more.

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