Microsoft Band 2 Leaked Images Show Curved Display

The Microsoft Band 2 images have been leaked online which illustrates a new sleek design that features a curved display, something that most folks might actually want to wear when comparing to the previous generation of Microsoft Band.

Microsoft has a media launch event scheduled for October 6th that is expected to showcase the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and the Surface Pro 4 and now we would expect to also see the Microsoft Band 2 as part of that lineup.

The leaked images were posted to Spanish Microsoft Insiders site, and it appears the overall design is very similar to the original Microsoft Band but the newer Band v2 has the curved display making it a more attractive looking device to wear on your wrist.

The original Band launched at $199 which at the time was a steep price when comparing to other activity tracking bands on the market. Hopefully the Microsoft Band 2 will come in priced a bit lower to be more competitive in the product space but there hasn’t been any official announcement made as far as price or even much of the features.

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