Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Usability of ErgoTron Workfit-T Sit-n-Stand Desk

Here’s what the ErgoTron Workfit-T looks like sitting on my Ikea desk with my monitors and wireless keyboard and mouse. I would highly recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse if you are deciding to go with the sit-n-stand desk as it gives you much more flexibility without having to worry about the cables reaching your desktop or getting caught up in the back of the workstation. The only wires you should then have would be your video cables and power cables for your monitors and maybe a USB cable for your webcam, like I have.

This is in the lowered (sitting position) and I found that it only raised my keyboard and mouse about an inch higher than my desk, so there wasn’t any noticeable difference when I was sitting at the Workfit-T when compared to sitting only at my desk without it. Thanks to the rounded edges of the Workfit-T, it was very comfortable sitting at it typing and using the mouse. The surface of the Workfit-T is very smooth and I found that I didn’t even need a mouse pad or other surface to operate my mouse, it works very well on the Workfit-T!


With the workstation raised, I was able to easily stand up and reach the keyboard and mouse and found the monitors to be at the perfect viewing angle as well. The lifting mechanism on this sit-and-stand desktop is very smooth and they lock into place so you you don’t worry about it sliding back down to the lowered position. It’s so smooth and so easy to lift and lower, my kids could even do it with ease.

I found the keyboard tray to provide plenty of space for my keyboard and mouse. Some users which have lower sensitivities set on their mouse, may find the mouse area to be slightly small and they may need to lift the mouse to point across a monitor, especially a multi-monitor setup. However, with my medium sensitivity set on my mouse, I did not have any of these issues but I thought I would at least bring this to attention.


Here is a view from the side showing the construction and lifting mechanism of the Workfit-T.


Read on to the next page and we’ll talk about our final thoughts about the ErgoTron Workfit-T Sit and Stand Workstation!

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