Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Taking a Closer Look at The Ergotron Workfit-T

The Workfit-T workstation comes completely ready for it to sit on your desk and begin providing you with the flexibility of sitting or standing while you are working. The product itself weighs in at 49 pounds so as you can imagine, its built VERY sturdy. The plastic top is very smooth and very hard with smoothed edges and the ergonomic design makes it very comfortable when resting your hands or wrist on the keyboard tray.

On the top of the surface towards the back, there are mounting holes for additional accessories like the monitor stand which is capable of holding one or two LCD screens, to lift them off of your desktop and out of the way. This is optional of course as you can simply sit your monitor stands on top of the surface since there’s a separate keyboard tray for your keyboard and mouse, still providing you plenty of desktop real estate to work with.

As for the dimensions of this sit-and-stand desktop, you will need a desk that is at least 24 inches deep and about 34 inches wide. Of course at 49 pounds, you’ll also need a desk capable of handling the extra weight!

Below is what the WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation looks like in the lowered position.

Workfit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Lowered
Workfit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Lowered

Here’s what it looks like in the raised position.

ErgoTron Sit and Stand Desk
ErgoTron Sit and Stand Desk

The Workfit-T workstation is bolted together with allen style bolts with nuts holding them together and then a safety hasp keeping them from ever loosening on you. So there should never be need to re-tighten these bolts, thanks to ErgoTron’s workmanship here!


On both sides of the WorkFit-T you’ll find handles which can be squeezed and this is what allows for the desktop to be raised or lowered. There are several different “notches” or levels that the desk can be “locked in place” so you are not limited to just the lowered or fully raised position but you can find the exact position you want and feel secure that the desktop will not fall.


Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of this desktop, the aesthetics, and the overall build and ergonomic design. I feel the desktop will give many years of use and knowing that ErgoTron backs it with a 5-year warranty allows for me to rest assured that they are standing behind it.

So how easy is the Workfit-T to operate? Does it lower and raise without issues? Read on to the next page and let’s dig into the usability of this sit-and-stand desktop!

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