MineCraft 0.12.1 Update for Windows 10 Offers Cross-platform Multiplayer

Minecraft is about to get a major update that will bring cross-platform multiplayer gaming to the game.What is cross-platform multiplayer? Well the new update coming to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta and also the Minecraft Pocket Edition will allow you to collaborate worlds together with friends on Windows 10, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

Minecraft 0.12.1 update is also the biggest update yet for MineCraft Pocket Edition, which brings new features that mobile players have been asking or even sometimes, begging the developers for.

“For starters, you’ll get to enjoy revamped touch controls, controller support, and the controller mapping screen. You’ll also be treated to the same enhanced weather effects that Windows 10 Edition Beta players have received, including snow accumulation and directional rain. And in addition to plenty of new goodies to build and potions to brew, you’ll now be able to encounter golems and ocelots, and even explore the Nether. Finally, this update brings the ability to sneak and sprint in Pocket Edition.” the Xbox blog said today.

Download: Windows 10 Edition

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