AdBlock Plus for iOS and Android Download Made Available

Just before Apple announces the release of Safari for iOS which is capable of blocking ads, AdBlock has launched its own version of the Ad-Free browser for iOS and Android too!

AdBlock is a very well known company that has offered free browser addons for years of their AdBlock Plus which enables you to easily block advertisements on web pages. With a short limited beta test over the Summer, AdBlock has now officially released their AdBlock browser for Android and iOS devices which will remove ads from your mobile browsing experience.

“Ads cost you data and therefore money. Because Adblock Browser has an ad blocker built in, you block the ad and save the cash. In addition, studies have shown that ads can tap your battery – over 20 percent of it! – so the browser can save your power too.” their blog stated today.

“Malware-laden ads called malvertising tripled last year. Adblock Browser virtually eliminates these digital vermin by blocking the ads in the first place. We also have an extra feature to block malware domains. Adblock Browser enhances your privacy because it has extra features that block trackers.”

Download: iOS here or Google Play here.

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