Verizon Begins Testing 5G That’s 50 Times Faster Than 4G LTE

Verizon is moving forward with its plans to begin testing 5G wireless technology in the field next year with some deployments of 5G starting in 2017.

With Verizon’s expectations of 5G being 50 times faster than the current 4G LTE technology, customers too are very eager to have their devices on the new network. In addition to the more throughput, the 5G technology is also expected to have latency in the single milliseconds!

Most wireless providers were expecting to target 5G in the year 2020 but Verizon is jumping ahead of its competition to begin the testing and shortly after, transition to the new 5G standard for its network.

“Even as Verizon begins the work to make 5G a reality, we continue to grow 4G LTE,” Verizon executive vice president Roger Gurnani says in a statement. “In addition to significant multi-billion-dollar investments in the network, we continue to work with a growing list of partners to launch new products and services on [our] 4G LTE network.”

What will you be able to do with 5G speeds that you can’t easily do with 4G speeds? Well for one, video streaming will no longer be an issue. You’ll have enough pipeline to stream 8K video in full 3D without it hitting a beat.

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