Amazon’s $50 6-inch Tablet Definitely Won’t Break the Bank

Amazon’s failure of the Fire Phone and with disappointing Kindle Fire sale figures, has Amazon again trying to push the envelope by introducing a very entry-level tablet this Holiday season at a rock bottom price.

The new Amazon tablet will sell for just $50 bucks and will offer users enough power and space to do the things that they want; surf the web, stream movies, and play a few games. The Wall Street Journal says it will be 6-inches in size so not too skimpy on the real estate, even at $50 bucks.

Amazon is competing with hundreds of over tablet players on the market and by far the biggest one is Apple but Apple’s iPad has always been priced at a premium that customers still tend to pay. Their standard iPad is $499 and their iPad Mini is priced at $299 which means Amazon is attempting to creating a new market for the lowest priced tablet that the company has produced to date.

While Amazon will not be able to compete with Apple on the premium tablet that is the all mighty iPad, they hope that they can compete on price and they may just do that with a $50 tablet.

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