DJI Announces Software Updates for Phantom and Inspire Drones

DJI Announces Software Updates for Phantom and Inspire Drones

DJI, the drone maker of the Phantom quadcopters among others, will be adding new features to its drones next week through a software update.

The new update, to be released on September 7th will be available for free to existing owners and new owners will already find the update installed.

New features will include;

  • Waypoints – Likened to a co-pilot, the drone will automatically fly to a series of set waypoints in the sky at a customizable speed. The angle of the camera can be adjusted while on the flight and, once done, the precise flight can be saved so it can be repeated with the same waypoints and camera angles.
  • Point of interest – The drone will automatically fly around a specified point at a preset height and radius, keeping the camera angled so the point remains in the center of the frame.
  • Follow me – The drone will follow a beacon signal emitted by a smartphone. This is intended for use in sports, when the drone needs to follow a target (usually a person) with little or no manual control. This mode is only available on the Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced and Standard.
  • Course lock – The drone controls are switched so they are relative to the user. This helps counter confusion faced by new fliers when the drone is turned in a different direction and means, for example, that a tap of the “right” command will send the drone to the right from the point of view of the controller, not the drone.
  • Home lock – Orientation of the drone is locked relative to the person controlling it. This is said to aid in control over greater distances.

The update will only be for the Phantom and Inspire 1 DJI drones. In addition to the flight mode updates it will also upgrade the resolution of video that the built-in camera on the Phantom 3 is capable of shooting up to 2704 x 1520 pixels. Looking to buy one of these drones? Head over to Amazon and check them out, heavily discounted.

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