Samsung SmartThings Hub Launches Packed With New Features

Samsung SmartThings Hub Launches Packed With New Features

The SmartThings Hub, now owned by Samsung, has officially launched its new smart home hub with some new sensors as well.

Like with the previous generation of SmartThings hub, it can control lighting, doors, cameras, motion sensors, and more and also works with Z-Wave and ZigBee radio wave capable products.

The Samsung SmartThings hub is available now in the United States and will be available in the UK on September 10th. The SmartThings hub is priced as the same, $99 USD price tag as the previous generation hub.

So what’s new with the Samsung branded SmartThings hub? They have redesigned the app to be more user friendly, they also redesigned the firmware that had reliability issues with the previous generation SmartHub an d they also gave it a more powerful processor.

One of the biggest changes in hardware was that they added a backup battery which provides up to 10 hours of SmartHub use when there is a power outage and its also capable of still handling SmartHome activities even if you loose your Internet connection, Yes!

You can purchase the SmartThings hub now. Geek Inspector will be getting our hands on a Samsung SmartThings hub soon for a complete review! More information can be found at

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